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Casa de madera en el bosque

10.000 KMS

Directed by Juan Andrés Arango

Gaidaá (17) has escaped the war in her country, after spending some years in a refugee camp, a group of traffickers have convinced her mother to pay them a high sum of money in exchange for Gaidaá to reach the United States. Although she is very young, Gaidaá will soon become aware of the dark web that transports her and must leave all her fears behind to escape and start a solo journey; her dream of becoming a Youtuber will become the tool to denounce the problems of migration. Diedunnè (25) is fleeing poverty and racism. After living in Chile for a few years, he is pushed to Darien because he can no longer find work after the pandemic, being Afro and poor is a burden he has had to live with all his life, but he does not want to carry it any longer. Xing-Ping (37) is forced by a network of drug traffickers to pick up merchandise in Buenaventura and transport it overland to the United States. He is the guinea pig of a drug trafficking network that is looking for new routes and to whom he owes a favor. Although his motivation is purely economic, along the way he will find a network that supports him and at the same time he will have to decide if the merchandise he is carrying is worth more than his own life.


The journey through a Colombia full of contrasts will force these three characters to face their destiny, their fears and their demons. They will travel 10,000 kilometers to understand that the very fact of migrating is, in part, a journey inward.


"Before the fire"

Directed by Angel Giovanni Hoyos

Two hired assassins kill a young Mapuche in a recovered community in southern Argentina. Antes del Fuego follows the judicial process of the murder and the daily life of the community that defends its territory to recover its ancestry. A film about the struggle for land and memory.

La memoria3.jpg

The memory of plants

Directed by Frank Benitez 

Since Cecilia receives the remains of her husband Gabriel, who disappeared years ago, she is haunted by his presence; he asks her to bury him on his farm, land that she had to abandon due to violence. Cecilia works as a maid and dreams of a better future with her two sons: Yonier, a rebellious preteen, and Ivan, a young man who, behind her back, has begun to commit crimes in order to earn enough money to be able to rebuild his life elsewhere with his girlfriend. A threat looms over them; Carlos, a superstitious and tormented ex-paramilitary, blames Gabriel for having cast a curse on him before he died and believes that he can only get rid of it through a ritual in which it will be necessary to drink the blood of one of his children.  Cecilia must confront all her fears in order to confront the past and free herself from Gabriel, Carlos and all the terror that violence engenders.

La memoria1.jpg
Cascada en la naturaleza


Directed by Maria Gamboa

On the eve of Christmas Eve and after the murder of her husband, Jakie is forced to flee her homeland with her mother and daughter. Memories of her life lacerate her like the nature that seems to envelop them at every turn. Guilt torments her like the landmines that lurk. An odyssey to start anew and whose challenge is the fulfillment of a promise.



Directed by Jorge Andrés Botero

Where do hernias arise from? What relation does the pressure of an intervertebral disc have with your relationships? Through 8mm images, marriages recorded over the years and everyday images, the director of this film seeks to delve into the idea of living together as a couple, the ways in which marriages are built and how new relationships are coupled. In this game between the search to understand where a Hernia comes from and how to have a balanced relationship, this film emerges, an essay documentary that constantly laughs at itself while searching from deep within how we can delve into our past relationships in order to understand all that we carry unnecessarily.

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