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AFTER NORMA - Photo Medellin
AFTER NORMA - Crew and photo
2020-11-13 LASI_Recibida_edited_edited_edited
2020-11-09 LASI_Helena_edited_edited

Serie - 2021 


A group of friends reunite in a summer house to celebrate the return of Helena. Among them are Sofia and Andrés, who appear to be the perfect couple; Mario, who asks Marcela, his wife, to make this the party of their lives; Juan, who can’t stop thinking about Silvie, his college sweetheart, a married woman who needs a break from her marriage; and Lalo, Helena’s best friend, who conceals an illness. The party gets out of control and Helena is abused by Andrés. The next morning, hungover and confused, she tries to piece together in her head the incident. Amidst the growing tension, the secret becomes impossible to hold back and this marks the disintegration of the group. Although, for Helena this also means the opportunity to begin a new life. 

Directed by : Frank Benítez

Produced by: Séptima Films

co-production with:  Frank Benítez Peña, Pilar Díaz Peña, Isabel Gaona Herazo, Jhon Mora Arcila


Producer: Jorge Botero

Director of Photography: Will Vela

Production Design: Camilo Barreto

Editing: Carlos Cordero, Frank Benítez,

Direct Sound: Andrés Millán

Original Music: Santiago Lozano

Casting Director: Pilar Díaz Quesada

Director of Actors: Andrés Barrios

Written by: Lina Arboleda, Frank Benítez

Country: Colombia

After norma


Norma de Botero is the director's mother and is diagnosed with a terminal illness. When the director finds out he is forced to record it, her, himself, the family... In this way the memories of childhood, fragments of a joyful, uninhibited and vital young mother, which the director recorded as a child, alternate with the uncertainty of what is to come, a tired and silent father who will be alone... It is who we were and who we will be, but it is above all the need to tell. It is not only what the film documents, the memory that it contains, but the need to make the film itself as catharsis, and the need to keep recording, even if death comes after Norma.

Director: Jorge Andrés Botero

Production Company: Séptima Films 

Country: Colombia

Cast: Norma Botero de Botero, Luis Jorge Botero, Beatriz Botero, María Isabel Botero 

Camera: Andrés Bernal, Jorge Andrés Botero

Editing: David Rojas, Carlos Cordero

Original Score: Santiago Lozano

Postproduction Manager: Mariángela González

Run Time: 93min.

Buenaventura foto fija27
David in the street
Andres y Daniel
Maria y Gemma in the grass



X QUINIENTOS is the story of three young people dealing with the death of a loved one, each one in a different country in America (Mexico, Colombia and Canada), this traumatic event will push them to migrate and physically transform themselves in order to survive and start their mourning process.

Directed by: Juan Andrés Arango

Production companies: Périphéria Films, Séptima Films, Machete 

Cast: Yonatan Diaz Angulo, Jembie Almazan, Bernardo García Cruz

Countries: Canada, Colombia, Mexico

L75C1 copia
L70C11 copia
L97C7 copia
L68C16 copia
L68C6 copia
L56C5 copia
L60C4 copia
L38C5 copia
L11C15 copia
L9C4 copia
L22C8 copia
L16C5 copia
L29C4 copia
L50C4 copia
L32C8 copia



The body of a man who disappeared during the political violence period in Peru is found, but nobody claims it. The only element that leads us into his identity is a picture of a smiley girl found under his shirt. Just a blurry picture, metaphor of a time and a memory.

Directed by: Héctor Gálvez

Production companies: Piedra Alada Producciones, MPM producciones, Autentika film, Séptima Films

Cast: Paul Vega, Antonieta Pari, Isabel Gaona

Countries: Perú, Colombia

LA PLAYA Milena en vidrio
LA PLAYA Plano Final
LA PLAYA Tomas Espejo
LA PLAYA Tomas y Jairo
LA PLAYA tres en calle
LA PLAYA Jairo y Chaco
LA PLAYA Jairo en olla



​Tomas, a black teenager forced by the war to flee Colombia’s Pacific Coast, tries to make his way in racist Bogotá. Through a desperate search to find Jairo, his youngest brother, who has disappeared in the streets of the city, Tomás will begin an initiatic journey that will force him to prove his courage and to confront the wounds from his past.

Directed by: Juan Andrés Arango 

Production companies: Séptima Films, Burning Blue, Bananeira Filmes, Cinésud Promotion

Cast: Luis Carlos Guevara, Andrés Murillo, James Solis

Dirección de Fotografía: Nicolas Caneccioni

Countries: Colombia, France, Brazil

gente d bn 1
gente_de_bien 4
gente de bn 2
Gente de Bien

Gente de bien


Eric, 10, finds himself almost overnight living with Gabriel, his father, who he barely knows. The man has trouble keeping their heads above water and building a relationship with his son. Maria Isabel, the woman Gabriel works for as a carpenter, decides to take the child under her wing.

Directed by: Franco Lolli

Production companies: Evidencia Films, Geko Films

Associate producer: Séptima Films

Cast: Brayan Santamaría, Carlos Fernando Perez, Alejandra Borrero

Cinematography: Oscar Durán 

Countries: France, Colombia.

No todos los ríos van al mar
NTLR Atardecer Guajira
NTLR El barrio desde la piedra
NTLR Primerplanoreja
NTLR Atardecer GuajiraPP

no todos los ríos van al mar


The arrival of Hassan’s letter, a boy from the Middle East, changes Yenny and Esmeralda's relationship. The two sisters have recently arrived at a refugee slum on the outskirts of Bogotá. Esmeralda, the older sister, is able to attend school, where she participates in a pen pal program. The letter exchange inspires Yenny, the younger sister who couldn't get into school, to start reading and answering the letters that her sister receives. Yenny is happy to know that her life is important to others. But when the letters stop coming, Esmeralda starts replying to Yenny's letters to save her sister from succumbing to the fate of their situation.

Directed by: Santiago Trujillo Escobar

Production companies: Séptima Films

Cast: Kelly Dayana Chivará, María Katherine Rodríguez, Jorge Armando Rodríguez, Cristian Camilo Chivará

Cinematography Sergio Iván Castaño
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